Geisha Soirée


Celebrate International Womens Day with intimate performances by, Geisha Charmmy and Burlesque Star, Miss Tosh. A once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the extraordinary world of Geisha. Guests will arrive at the luxurious Thompson Hollywood, where you can enjoy champagne and craft cocktails in the conversation parlor. Guests will then be escorted to the entertainment lounge to enjoy Canapés and charcuterie. Over looking the Sunset view of the Hollywood Hills, Guests will learn first hand about the secret world of Geisha.


The private rooftop Soirée is hosted by Miss Tosh and our guest of honor, Charmmy, who is one of 50 Geisha to practice the art form in Tokyo. This exclusive experience is usually reserved for royalty and aristocracy of Japan. For the first time, Charmmy would like to extend the opportunity to the Beauty of Burlesque audience and invite YOU to attend the first Geisha Soirée in Hollywood.


Please read the following details regarding reservations, dress code and etiquette.



Reservations are $250 per guest which includes admission, entertainment with canapés and small bites. Alcohol and  beverages are not included in the ticket price.


Numbers are limited so book early to avoid missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Tickets are non refundable so Please read all information regarding dress code and etiquette. We reserve the right to turn away guests who do not uphold proper decorum and dress code.

* Entry is subject to proof of COVID-19 Vaccination.



Thompson Hollywood, Bar Lis (Rooftop)

1541 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles ca 90028

*Valet and street parking is available

*check-in with the front desk to gain access to the private rooftop elevator.


DATE March 8th, 2022


5:00 PM Cocktails Begin

6:00 PM Seating & Show

8:00 PM Photo opportunity



- FORMAL : Suit with tie (no exceptions) or formal evening gown (nothing above knee) and dress shoes. Traditional Kimono 👘 is encouraged.

- No sandals, short, tshirts, short skirts, sneakers, leisure wear.



- Cellphones must be silenced, there is NO photography, videos in the entertainment lounge.

- Guest will be able to take a photo with Geisha Charmmy and Miss Tosh at the end of the event in the designated photo location.

- Upon greeting Geisha Charmmy it is customary to offer her a gift. Please present the gift to her in both hands palms facing up and a slight bow. This is a gesture of respect, gratitude as you Welcome her to America, thanking her for sharing her culture. Small Gift examples( flowers, perfume, card, candy, treats etc.)

- Cash tips are to be presented in traditional envelopes called Gosyugibukuro. We will provide all guest with envelopes that can be presented to Geisha Charmmy anytime during the event.

- Most importantly the Geisha soirée experience is about having a good time! Laugh, celebrate and enjoy!

- BUT Even MORE Importantly... When Geisha Charmmy or another guest fills your champagne glass you must fill their glass in return. This is a traditional custom that is encouraged. Please consider an Uber and stay safe.