Let Us Entertain You!

 Beauty of Burlesque is here to elevate your event with dazzling live performances, bringing your guests special moments they will cherish. We offer the best in live entertainment,  haute couture costuming, choreography, props and  world renowned talent. Our production team is here to consult and collaborate with you to create an unforgettable event.

"The Unicorn"

A Unicorn Queen Fantasy come to life ! This signature act, created by Miss Tosh features a free standing carousel Unicorn encrusted in sparkling jewels. Showcasing the most extravagant burlesque costume embellished in custom-cut Swarovski crystals.  Accompanied by dancing showgirls in towering feathered headdresses. The sophisticated striptease culminates with a luscious feather fan dance before mounting the sparkling unicorn. An unforgettable grand finale dancing with the twirling unicorn while sparkling confetti floats down from the sky.
* Performed for New York Fashion Week, Human Rights Campaign, Soho House.

"Lagoon Love"

A tropical adventure into the magical lagoon. A towering 8ft structure adorned with tropical flower, and glittering parrots featuring novelty art of Hollywood classic "The Creature from the Black Lagoon." Torches blazing while a lullaby tune of Martin Denny sets the mood. Curtain open to reveal our starlet, Miss Tosh tightly corseted in a glittering Swarovski crystal ensemble with a headress full of flowers and Venus fly traps. Turning up the heat with a gorgeous fire fan dance. Ending with finale where is Miss Tosh dancing in a thundering rain show while being entangled in romantic climax with the beloved "Creature." A burst of storm confetti showers over the audience in her most theatrical number. A show stopping number that will make your event the absolute most. 

"Girl In The Glass"

Make a splash with the quintessential "Girl in the Glass" burlesque performance. A bubbly twist on the showbiz classic popularized in the 1930’s & 1940’s. As bubbles rise from glamorous coupe our talented burlesque dancers pop bottles of champagne and elegantly splash with a sparkling garnish. The glamorous glass can be performed as a full length burlesque act or booked as an atmospheric spectacle for your next event.

"Santa Baby"

Take a dip in the famous Candy Cane coupe filled with milk and peppermint garnish. Gingerbread men and holiday elves accompany Miss Tosh in a whimsical choreographed dance. Performed to an original rendition of the holiday classic "Santa Baby." Wether you have been naughty or nice, this performance will be a holiday treat for everyone on Santa's list. The Signature act conceptualized by Miss Tosh has been featured in Katy Perry's "Cozy Little Christmas" and Amazon Prime with FanTracks, "The Goo Goo Dolls, Christmas All Over." This festive glamorous glass can be performed as a full length burlesque act or booked as an atmospheric spectacle for your next holiday event.


Miss Tosh's signature peeling act pays homage to Hollywood icon Marlene Dietrich.The act begins with her Sophisticated French tuxedo from the 1800s that she masterfully peels out of then ending in a decadent champagne shower finale.There is audience participation during this cheeky act where Tosh reveals a banana to the audience, simulating the peeling of her clothing and asserting her sensuality. 

*Act performed for Lady Gaga, Brian Newman, Montreal Burlesque Festival, Hamburg Burlesque Festival, Miami Pride, Duane Park, SoHo House, The Standard, Susanne Bartsch OnTop


 "Feather Fan Dance"

Beauty of Burlesque has been delighting audiences with a creative versions of the classic burlesque act that made Sally Rand a huge star in the 1930's. Each version of this act begins with a classic burlesque striptease out of the most gorgeous feminine finery and titillating choreography! Performed as a solo act by on of our world renowned entertainers for a intimate show, or bring on the beautiful ladies with one of our stunning choreographed group feather fan dance extravaganzas.

*Performed for Japan Fashion Week, Oxford University, Castellani, Art Basel Miami


 "Burlesque Bubble Bath"

A Bubbly Twist on a burlesque classic popularized by Lili St. Cryr in the 1940's. As bubbles rise from Miss Tosh's antique claw foot bathtub she elegantly showers her self while popping bottles of champagne. A glamorous boudoir fantasy fit for a old hollywood starlet. The glamorous bubble bath can be performed as a full length burlesque act or booked as an atmospheric spectacle for your next event.   

 "The Balloon Dance"

It's time to celebrate! An epic twist on the Burlesque Classic Balloon Pop! Miss Tosh enters in a whimsical costume make from celebratory balloons coordinated with the color of your event. She strikes up a match and lights her elongated cigarette popping each balloon to the beat. Confetti burst and just as the last balloon pops the audience is showered with over 1000 + balloons! Perfect for parties or event celebrating a special occasion. 


 "The Showgirls"

Start the party with a Vegas Showgirl extravaganza. Miss Tosh and her fleet of 6 vegas showgirls all dress to the nines in feather headdresses perform a high energy group number to the party anthem “a little party never hurt nobody!” Tosh and her show girls will bring the heat in their quick step hight kicking dance number.


Lets get the party started! Turn up the energy in the of any room with fun high energy dancers!  Whether its bespoke shows jam-packed swing or jazz choreography for a large stage show, or solo performances for smaller event spaces, our dancers are the best in the business. Proficient in Jazz, Swing, Salsa, Tango, Mambo, Ballroom, Hip-Hop, Tap, Ballet, African, Hula, and many more! Bring any theme to life through the art of dance.


Live Music enhances the experience and sets the mood for every event. We offer chart topping talent from many diverse genres.  So whether you choose a one of our incredible Big Jazz Band, a soulful songress, pop diva, rock n roll band or our DJ’s, we will elevate the event with the best option for you and your guests.